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Gideon Prewett
24 December 2008 @ 22:28
Indulging in stream of consciousness, which I had no idea was so much fun to write. I don't know when this will reach you, but hopefully sooner rather than later. *squishes*

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Gideon Prewett
06 October 2008 @ 10:08
Dear Spess,

Happy birthday, this time belated! This is a day late, of course, RL keeps insisting on interfering as you know. Still, I hope you, Fabian, Gus and Aevar like this. Gideon sends his love to you and your lot. (Bode keeps giving him bemused and also amused looks.)

The first 5 things Gideon did after moving into his own digs, summer 1972

1. Well, actually the very first thing he did after closing the door behind his father, who'd taken a half-day off to help him apparate his things to London, was to put sheets on the bed that would be his from now on and lie down on them naked, just because. The just because also involved a wank that started out leisurely and moved on to desperate, especially when he heard someone screeching in the hallway outside the moment he was about to come. He collapsed in a heap of giggles and went for his wand to cast the first of very many sound dampening spells on the door and its frame.

2. Feeling rather lonely that first night in his flat, he dragged Fabian home the next after a tour through the local pubs. They fell into bed and slept wrapped around one another. When they woke up the next morning, their heads were pounding, but Gideon couldn't imagine a place where he'd rather be that moment. After a while, he pressed his face against the side of Fabian's neck said quietly that he felt at home now, which made Fabian ruffle his hair a bit and kiss him. That, of course, led to more kisses, and not long after, they both summoned their wands to stop the bedsprings squeaking too loudly. The next night, Gideon slept alone again, but much better than during the first night: The pillow still smelt of Fabian.

3. Even though his bedsit was positively tiny – and he was sure that in his great aunt Síle's opinion it would qualify as dingy – after a day of sorting his books into the wobbly shelves, storing his clothes and meagre crockery outfit away, he felt the need to go shopping for furnishings. Or rather what passed for furnishings in his own eyes and the limited nature of his budget. Not yet having started work at Transfiguration Today, he hadn't any money to speak of, so that three galleons were all he could squander. And squander them he did: He bought a pair of candleholders and a few nice candles to make himself feel at home. This was decidedly silly, as he'd never before thought of candles giving him a sense of home, but he got them anyway and later sat in his flat reading by the warm light they cast on the pages of his book. He also got himself a baking tin and, nearly wrecking the oven in his minute kitchen, made bara brith. Once it had cooled down a little, he flooed over to Fabian's only marginally less tiny room and fed him a piece of bara, holding his hand over his brother's eyes. He was rather pleased when Fabian asked him if he'd found the time to floo over to Llanfarian just now, and why Tad was making bara brith in the middle of the week anyway.

4. On his first weekend in his new flat, he talked Aevar into visiting him, even though he was on night shift in Edinburgh. Aevar was very sweet about his place, but his tiredness caught up with him soon, and when Gideon turned around with a pot of fresh tea, he found Aevar asleep on his bed. He sat down next to him and stroked his hair and neck for a bit, until he saw his features relax. Then he placed a blanket over him and let him sleep while he went shopping for dinner. When he came back, Aevar was still fast asleep, but the smell of a hearty soup bubbling on the cooker roused him eventually, and they ate hungrily before going for a pint or two at the pub on the corner.

5. The house, an old Victorian affair, had been broken up into a number of flats of various sizes, and a few days after him, a girl moved into the similarly tiny bedsit across the hall. She turned out to be from Ireland and Gideon's age, but had gone to Beauxbatons and was now back on the British Isles to start an apprenticeship with Flourish & Blotts. They got on splendidly, and it only took them a day to find their way into her bed, from which they emerged both infinitely wiser on how two people can get along very well and like each other very much and yet not be compatible where physical proximity and sex are concerned.
Gideon Prewett
25 December 2007 @ 16:30

For Spess, merry Christmas, darling!

A letter to Augustus Rookwood, never sent, never written, even, but composed shortly after Gideon's death and before Augustus was betrayed as a spy.

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Gideon Prewett
07 October 2007 @ 00:01

For spessartine, my much loved partner in crime, whose birthday it is today. Have a wonderful day, love! ♥

Augustus Rookwood/Gideon Prewett
1,019 words
Thanks and snuggles go to pre_raphaelite1 for the express beta.

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Gideon Prewett
14 September 2007 @ 08:55

Happy birthday, pre_raphaelite1!
I hope you have the most fantastic day with cake and everything.

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Gideon Prewett
31 March 2007 @ 21:14

still very much under construction

These are some of the conversations Gideon's had in hex_files

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Gideon Prewett
31 March 2007 @ 21:00

in timeline order


mid-August pensieve memory for Walpurgis night, Gideon's worst memory (an accident Fabian has)


October sheet of parchment with notes about censorship


21 August letter to his brother Fabian, which predates their joining of the Order of the Phoenix


1 January new year resolutions for 1977


23 January newspaper clipping, obituary for the Prewett brothers, died 21 January 1981

end of January scrap of parchment, found on his desk after his death

Gideon Prewett
10 March 2007 @ 21:19

Gideon's invited Bill to visit him several weeks ago after talking Molly around to letting her oldest out of her sight for a few days. The invitation orginally included Charlie as well, but Charlie's got himself a head-cold and not deemed fit to go anywhere at present.

It's a Friday, and Gideon's left work on the dot to have time to prepare for Bill's visit. He's rather excited about his nephew visiting him in London for the first time without Molly to accompany him. Rather than apparating straight home, he stops by a grocery shop first and gets something for dinner. At home, he unpacks his bags and makes himself a cup of tea, leaning against the counter while the tea steeps. There's a faint grin on his face, he's quite amused at himself for being so excited, but can't help it. When the tea is done, he takes the cup to the living room and settles down on the sofa in front of the fireplace to wait for Bill.

Gideon Prewett
05 February 2007 @ 22:15

!still under construction!

vital stats

name Gideon Llacheu Prewett
date of birth 3 June 1954
place of birth Aberystwyth
height 187cm (between 6'1" and 6'2")
hair colour brown with a tinge of red that shows up with sunshine
eye colour blue-green, maybe
siblings older sister Molly (born 1950), twin brother (not identical) Fabian
parents father is a librarian at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, mother is, er yes, that still needs to be determined
education Hogwarts (Ravenclaw) Sept 1965 until June 1972
job copy-editor with the Daily Prophet since January 1973, before that a five-months internship as copy-editor at Transfiguration Today
wand 11.5 inches, dragon heart string, mahogany

extended family

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Gideon changes flats a bit when he first moves to London in August 1972, mainly from one bed-sit to the next in the wizarding parts of the city.
In summer 1976 he gets hold of a three-storey house in Chelsea (117a King's Road), an all-Muggle area. He manages to get a long-term lease on the two upper storeys (the ground floor houses a bookshop specialising in geography), and renovates it extensively on his own (with help from friends and his brother, obviously). By October, he's more or less done and moves in.
It looks like this:Collapse )


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things he's fond of, in no particular order

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things he has little to no patience with or is generally not in favour of

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